Letters in brief


An appeal:
I APPEAL to the 100 years good news anniversary executives for the exact date and time, this special event will fall.
How will transport be arranged?
As we have observed the time frame, the earlier date of Aug 19 is not so far from now.
This event is historical for those missionary tribes around provinces.
Can you made inform and remind each and every Kabwum missionary’s tribes around the province/country, to get prepared, before you fail to do so.
This is our time in changes, we are looking forward to own biblical history, to witness how the power of the mighty Anutu (Lord) has done to our ancestors.

Nk Bowing

Pruaitch commended:
I WISH to comment on Patrick Pruaitch’s on slamming Peter O’Neill on the UBS loan as appeared in The National (page 8) on Thursday.
While it is true that UBS loan exist, we would also would like Patrick Pruaitch to explain Abu Dhabi deal of US$1.1bil through IPIC deal done by Arthur Somare who was then the Minister for Public Enterprises in Sir Michael Somare’s government in 2010?
Make no mistake; O’Neill’s government was forced to act because of the legacy that the Somare government had left them thanks to the junior Somare, Arthur.


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