Letters in brief


Mori praised:
Many years have gone by. Our country has changed in many ways as time goes by, which we see with our eyes. It has been a changing moment for people of Chuave under the leadership of Wera Mori. People are seeing change with their eyes. For example, Bawi Primary School was lucky to receive a double-classroom which was completed and ready to be used by students this year. Keep doing great job to change the face of your district.


Good governance needed:
There is a relatively large body of evidence that demonstrates direct relationship between good governance and development. The healthier a country is in measures of good governance, the better it does in terms of development. The wealth received from gold, oil and copper exports, and others totalling some billions of kina over the last few years alone, have poised PNG for better. To date there is no indication of that happening. The wealth is not trickling down to the bulk of the masses. There’s no improvement in their lives compounded by appalling lack of services over the years.

Eric MumsonPiuk
Gerehu Stage 4
Port Moresby

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