Letters in brief


Kumung’s ultimatum:
Public office holders of different Government departments and institutions should prove their worth. What new National Statistical Office (NSO) boss Michael Kumung said when he took over is welcome news in light of the knowledge that service delivery is stagnant because of complacency and dishonesty in the public service. Kumung warned his deputy and those down the rank and file to perform or be ready to look for another job. The new NSO boss’s idea must be adopted by all Government departments and institutions.

Paul Minga, Voice for PNG

Repairs at parliament:
The Speaker of Parliament announced that the damage caused by the two disciplined forces would cost K15 million. The damage – as seen on TV, newspapers and social media – would cost less than K150,000. There were some glasses and pot plants, etc, damaged. Were the damaged glass bullet proof? I don’t think so. Were the pots made of gold? I don’t think so either. The good Speaker needs to explain how he and his team came up with this inflated cost.

Mi Sem Tru, Waigani Swamp

Unpaid wages:
Teachers with salary queries going back a couple of years have not been paid, even though they continue to work. Have these payments been written off? Or have only those who can speak the ‘Waigani Language’ walked away with their money while the unfortunate ones have been left with nothing? The Teaching Service Commission and the Education Department have to pay teachers what is owed to them.

Victim, EHP

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