Letters in brief


Police power:
The report ‘Bomana police barracks yet to get electricity’ (The National, Apr 11) has prompted me to write this letter on behalf of policemen and women paying electricity bills. Policemen and women living in other provincial centres have Easipay meters and are paying for the electricity they use. Can someone explain the police force policy on the payment of electricity, garbage and water bills?

Concerned cop, Morobe

Hunting season:
Congratulations to the Hunters for their first win this season – against the Central Queensland Capras. The Hunters, however, should not get carried away by the win for the Capras are No.2 from the bottom of the ladder, so nothing to sing about. You do that when you beat one of the top three teams. The Hunters did not have a game plan between the halfback, five-eighth and backs. Everyone was running a one-man show. But a win is always a win. This weekend the Hunters play the Ipswich Jets who are known for their short, high kicks. How will the Hunters respond to that?

Hunters Fun, Nick Tyson Bota,

Noisy inn:
Sports Inn is located next to Sir John Guise Stadium, in Port Moresby. It is also very close to Sir Manasupe Haus, where the Prime Minister and his staff work. Other government departments are in the vicinity and many people work late into the night there. More than 600 public servants are accommodated at PNG Education Institute, opposite Sports Inn, then there is Vision City Mega Mall and the Japanese Embassy. NCDC should look into the loud music coming from Sports Inn. The loud music begins on Wednesday and ends on Sunday morning – every week. If Sports Inn wants to make noise, it should be made soundproof. The music is so loud it keeps you awake.

Nigel John

Eagles joy:
As a Mt Hagen Eagles fan I am really happy to see my team playing in the Digicel Cup competition. I am happy to see them making progress. As a team we strive together. Go the mighty Eagles of kange country. I wish to thank the PNG Rugby Football League for giving the Eagles the chance to be part of the Digicel Cup competition.

Jonathan Mok, ngv

Lead or leave:
It is a slap in the face for our trusted leaders to be floating around at Government House. Get settled in and start making changes to this dying, young and malnourished nation.
It is a shame to confess your failures. Grow up. If you cannot perform then resign and leave the work to someone else who can do the job better. Leaders should lead and not be confused with their roles. I request you all resign.

Concern Citizen