Local communities will get 30% of super highway work

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013


THIRTY-per cent of the contract work for the Lae-Nadzab four-lane road and Highlands Highway re-development has been awarded to local communities, an officer says.

Local participation is expected throughout the country and construction company China Railway International is mandated to submit all contract invoices, verification and release of payments each month, high impact project (HIP) manager government and community affairs Thomas Nori told Wampar community leaders.

Nori and HIP interim manager John Wakma met with the Morobe administration and provided information on the project.

The locals called for proper dialogue and understanding between government and locals over acquiring 20m of land on each side of the road, relocation of assets, trespassing by construction surveyors, local participation and justification of environmental and construction work plans.

Gabmazung Primary School board chairman Linni Sommers said since the groundbreaking by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill at Niall Reserve, in Eriku, this year, the provincial government did not take any initiative to conduct awareness. 

“All Yalu, Munum, Nasuapum and Gabmazung communities in Wampar know only what was in the media,” Sommers said. 

Nori said the provincial government was to take ownership and partner with the national government to conduct awareness.

The locals will benefit from spin-offs from road construction as well as from service providers such as PNG Power Ltd, Water Papua New Guinea and Telikom in the relocation of service lines.