Local firm eyes gas plan

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The National, Monday July 8th, 2013

 A LOCAL company has stepped forward to participate in the development of the Stanley gas project in Western, Stanley Gas Field Landowners Association chairman Rex Aipe says.

He said this following the recent announcement of a third LNG project by Minister for Petroleum and Energy William Duma.

Aipe said Horizon Oil has submitted its PDL (petroleum development licence)  applications for the project.

He said there were some concerns regarding the local content plan of the project, especially landowners’ participation.

He said: “Umbrella company-Stanley Gas field Landowners association has the capacity to participate in the early works, as we purchased heavy equipment … we are ready to participate in any subcontracts for landfills, earth works, land clearing and pipeline land clearance. 

“The recent announcement by Minister for Petroleum and Energy William Duma of the third LNG project in Western hs been welcomed by the 42 integrated landowner group (ILG) clan leaders of the impacted area of petroleum retention licence (PRL) 4 of the Stanley Gas Project. 

“This announcement gives confidence to the people that the petroleum development licence will be granted, paving way for the development forum and the benefit sharing agreement.

Aipe expressed concern that the people would not maximise on the business opportunities and community and local level government major infrastructural development as they were not prepared. 

“A local content plan has been submitted by Horizon Oil together with the PDL applications and our discussion with Department of Commerce and Industry revealed they have not seen the plan for preliminary consent and feedback.

“The local content plan developed by Horizon Oil is too broad and does not outline the specific level of service contracts the landowners could join in.

“The report also said that engineering works of the gas plant, storage tanks and pipeline are almost complete. 

“As land owners, we want to participate in these spin-off business ventures … I want a similar arrangement to the gas to electricity project in Hides to Porgera mine where the local companies are fully involved,” Aipe added.