Local firm wins contract to build bridges in Eastern Highlands

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 09th April, 2013


A LOCAL road construction company has been engaged to rebuild two bridges on the Kamaliki-Bekuvia road in Eastern Highlands within two weeks.

The Asian Development Bank awarded a contract to Woresi Brothers Engineering Ltd, a Chimbu-based road construction company, to also tar-seal parts of the 16km road.

The 17m Lapeka bailey bridge and the 15m Yabiyufa steel girder bridge between Goroka and the Unggai mountains were damaged by floods last week. 

The destruction of the two bridges, located 5km apart, had affected the flow of traffic and government services.

Two temporary by-passes have been built by Woresi Brothers allowing only four-wheel-drive vehicles to pass through.

The company said repairs to the bridge were not in the initial contract but they would carry them out as they were urgent.

Approval will be sought from the Works department headquarters to replace the damaged infrastructure. 

Works Department-ADB Highlands regional management group director Ian Barr and Eastern Highlands provincial works  manager Moses Laim inspected the bridges on Wednesday and recommended immediate repairs.

The Kamaliki-Movi road was identified by the works department as an alternative route because the portion from Daulo to Watabum portions had seen many landslips since the highway was constructed in 1953.

Unggai-Bena MP Benny Allan is concerned about the excessive weight on the bridge when heavy machinery use it.