Local kickboxers sign up for fights against Australians

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The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013


WORLD Kickboxing Federation intercontinental champion Jonathan Tuhu and Papua New Guinea champion David Nane are Cairns, Australia, bound for welterweight fights later this month. 

They will challenge Australian opponents on a promotion by Onyx F16 Gym promoter and owner Francis Macdonald.

The local fighters have been training for three months for their fights. 

Both are 21-years-old, have trained under Macdonald and are raring to enter the ring on October 26.

Tuhu, of Simbu and Madang parentage, is travelling today, meeting his own airfares from sponsorship by Kimbu Lawyers and Associates and Kwadi Inn. 

His ring name “The Explosive” comes because he does just that – explode over his challengers in the ring.

Nane, from Hela, is struggling to find financial support to buy his airline ticket, and is desperate for help to fly to Cairns on October 24. 

He was previously supported by Hugo Canning under the Ox & Palm banner.

But a change in management saw that support being withdrawn, forcing the private escort guard to look for a new sponsor.

He is appealing to PNG Kick Boxing Association to support him and Tuhu as they are members.

This is not the first time the duo has travelled to Cairns for training at the F16 Gym.

Nane competes in the 65-69kg light welterweight division and has recorded six wins, two losses and a draw in nine.

Tuhu fights in the in the 65-70kg division and from 12 fights he has won 10 (two by knockout), a loss and a draw.

 These fights will prepare them for the Ox & Palm Cup on October 31 in Port Moresby.  Sponsors can contact Nane on 71131760.

Tuhu is disappointed with reports that he was knocked out by a junior fighter from Goroka.

Tuhu said he knocked out the junior fighter from Goroka in the second round.

He called on the PNGKBA chief executive officer Stanley Nandex to issue a public apology for tarnishing his reputation.