Local launches security firm, website

The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

THE launching of the Ulitmax security firm and its website last Friday was a proud achievement by local entrepreneur Collin Kopyoto, National Development Bank Investment Limited chief executive officer Desmond Yaninen says.
The firm has more than 60 employees and the building is fitted with 14 CCTV cameras and Hi-tech alarm system.
The control room is fitted with latest monitoring devices to track the movement of each vehicle and personnel moving in and out of the security centre.
It is also programmed to extract information from electronic patrolling devices to accurately monitor a guard’s performance.
The company supports the growth of the country’s economy and infrastructure, local businesses and individuals by securing lives and assets.
“If we want to grow this nation and economy, the definition of success for entrepreneurs is to be self-reliant and hard working to achieve our goals in life. Collin has taken the extra mile to achieve that,” Yaninen said.
“That is why I am here witnessing this launching and driving this agenda throughout the nation for similar entrepreneurs.”
Kopyoto, the chief executive officer and managing director of the firm, plans to meet the demands of security personnel in this country.
His main vision is to make the security guards more professional before he sends them out to the field.
“Prepare them to have the right attitude, be punctual and learn the basics of becoming a security guard,” he said.
“I have created a training centre and did a 300-page training manual for 70 hours training, a three-month probation period. They must get the training first and pass all that before becoming a permanent employee for the company.” Police Sergeant Bill Weraka congratulated the company for prioritising security to protect lives and assets. .