Look into NHC case


I WISH to make a complaint on behalf of an elderly man who has been mistreated by the National Housing Commission (NHC) for over 10 years since 2002.
While we appreciate the acting NHC managing director trying to change the commission positively, there is more to sort out such as this case: Court File #WS439 of 2009.
Please look into it because a senior manager in NHC sold the house in Wewak which was already purchased by someone else to the elderly man.
The elderly man could not get his money back and went to court.
The court made a decision for NHC to repay this elderly man in 2015 but to date NHC has been using delaying techniques like there is no money.
He has been travelling back and forth from Wewak/POM and it is very frustrating.
I hope the acting managing director can look into this and have it sorted quickly.


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