Loss of confidence in association interim leader

Letters, Normal

The National , Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I AM disappointed with the behaviour of the interim president of the newly formed Kabwum Welfare Association (KWA), formerly known as Kabwum pressure group, and his “executives”.
They were seen having one drink too many after being presented with K140,000 recently by Mo­robe governor (K30,000), Ahi president (K10,000) and K100,000 from the Kabwum MP.
My question is: did they use their own money to pay for the alcohol?
The funds must be put to good use by the association.
I am beginning to lose my confidence in the pre­sent executives.
I call on the interim exe­cutive to quickly convene a meeting to elect a new set of executives which must come from all the four LLGs – Deyamos, Komba, Selepet and Yus – and not from one particular area.

Mangi Selepet