Lower Bena roads get facelift

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NEARLY all rural roads linking main roads in the Lower Bena area in the Unggai-Bena district, Eastern Highlands, have undergone maintenance after years of neglect.
President of Lower Bena local level government Jerika Haki made available K90,000 from the district funds to open up the roads including the reconstructions of bridges.
A total of K70,000 was paid out to clans who cleared and reconstructed the roads and K20,000 to a local company that helped to clear difficult sections of the roads.
During the presentation at six different locations, Haki appealed to the people to look after the roads and bridges because they were important to facilitate the smooth delivery of goods and services.
He said the roads would allow for villagers to transport their coffee and garden produce to open markets in main towns.
“I am at the disposal of 20,000 people of Lower Bena to deliver services to their door steps, this is my priority.
“However, it is not easy to meet the expectations of everyone and I ask for your cooperation and support to facilitate for smooth deliveries of goods and services,” Haki told the people.