Madang plays its part

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HIV/AIDS partners and the Madang community observed the World AIDS Day in style yesterday.
The programme started with a combined march from the Laiwaden Field to the Bates Oval in town which was followed by the Red Cross floater.
Different partners like National Disability Resource and Advocacy Centre, VSO Tokaut AIDS, Family Health International, Save the Children, Tingim Laip, Bathany VCT Centre, the Modilon General Hospital, the provincial health department and Meri Help Meri Foundation and the provincial AIDS Council took part in the various awareness activities.
It was also an opportunity for the public to witness what each of the many HIV/AIDS partners and stakeholders were involved in through their public displays.
Many business houses and statutory bodies took part by putting up big red ribbon in front of their offices while employees were issued with small red ribbon to pin on their shirts and blouses.
Many youths around town assisted with free distribution of packets of condom to people and vehicles passing by and telling them to use the condom.
Other highlights of the day were dance and drama carrying HIV/AIDS messages and songs by local musicians.
People living with HIV/AIDS also had the time to carry out awareness and shared their experiences of living with the virus.
Governor Sir Arnold Amet challenged stakeholders to focus their awareness on schools and in eradicating the epidemic because statistics showed that cases were increasing.