Madang school of excellence focuses on referees

The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

THE Madang Soccer Association Soccer Centre of Excellence will be hosting a one-day introduction to referees and assistant referees clinic for its development players tomorrow.
The centre of excellence, currently managed by Tusbab Blue Kumuls, is venturing into the introduction of basic referees and assistant referees training and the laws of the game to give basic understanding to the players apart from developing their skills as players.
The one-day programme will be facilitated by senior MSA referee, Joe Paul Tringin with the support of Tusbab Secondary School.
Tringin said an invitation was also extended to young players who had been officiating MSA-sanctioned matches to attend so that they could improve their understanding and knowledge of the rules and apply them during games for eveyone’s benefit.
The training will be held at Tusbab Secondary School and will be supported by the school and Tusbab Blue Kumuls Soccer Club.
The Madang COE has been in existence for more than three years now and has helped in developing some of the young players in the local competition.
The centre, mainly for boys aged between 14 and 16, started enrolling female players of the same age group this year.