Maipakai, Tiensten must step down: Basil

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BULOLO MP Sam Basil wants the Ombudsman Commission to investigate Planning Minister Paul Tiensten and Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Mark Maipakai regarding the debate on the release of Kikori MoA funds.
Mr Basil urged that despite whatever reasoning both ministers had over the issue, they should be checked for their involvement because a rift within Government was portraying a negative image abroad.
“Two state ministers throwing mud at each other over issues of corruption is a very serious matter, because it does not go down well with investors who want to see the Government working strong to see change.”
His concern was because the issue at hand involved Mr Maipakai accusing Mr Tiensten for foul play on the millions of kina in trust funds, both ministers should also take it upon themselves to step down and allow investigations or come clear on the issue.
Mr Basil said the consensus was that the decline in wealth and services to the ordinary people of PNG was due to the increasing level of corruption mainly in politics, public service and some sections of business and with infighting amongst Government ministers, a lot of eyebrows were being raised as to what extent has corruption reached.
Last month Mr Maipakai accused Mr Tiensten wrongly on the allocation of millions of kina of Kikori MoA funds to landowner associations.
He called on Mr Tiensten to explain what criteria were used to disburse funds.
In reaction, Mr Tiensten urged Mr Maipakai to explain how he used K20 million he had been allocated through the JDPBPC that had not been acquitted to date.