Make funds accessible


I ACKNOWLEDGE the Government for making it possible for people to access their funds with superfunds.
Because of social distancing Nasfund and Nambawan Super should come up with a members savings withdrawal form.
The form should be put in all newspapers so members can fill them.
Members can submit their forms to their employers and the employers should submit to Nasfund and Nambawan Super (with relevant information) for processing.
People need extra money to sustain their livelihood and be ready if any of them or their family members do contract Covid-19.
They should know how to access their funds so awareness in the media is vital. Living standards in the city is very expensive and will affect small people.
We all have rents to pay, water bills, power bills – nothing is for free.

Concern citizen


  • Living in the city is a lot of expenses, rentals, and loans and during this SOE lockup, some of our Salaries were heavily taxed, leaving us with out-outstanding in rents..Please Gov’t that’s the right decision… Can we also refinance for the loans…Set people of PNG to be financially free Thanks to Marape/Stevens Gov’t

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