Make way for investors


KUNDIAWA is known as a four corner town because of its size and looks.
The town cannot be expanded because of its geographical features which makes it harder to attract potential investors for business activities.
The proposed new town at Mirane is a little bit far away from the main town.
Security reasons is making it extremely hard for investors to establish business there.
The Government proposed for a new Chimbu-Jiwaka airport to be built in Kup, Kerowagi, Chimbu.
Once built, the current airstrip would be converted into commercial zones as it is in the heart of Kundiawa town.
The current works office should be moved to the proposed new town at Mirane since they have established there.
Set a building criteria of a minimum three-storey building for whoever wants to build.
Invite established companies such as CPL Group, Brian Bell, BNBM, PNG Motors, Courts and SVS to establish.
I assume they will accept the invitation to invest because we have the proposed Limestone, Wagi hydro project, Mt Wilhelm and the Kundiawa General Hospital that can bring revenue for the province. Let’s try change the face of Kundiawa.

Wel Temai,
Kundiawa, Simbu