Mald not fit to be a leader, resolution a disgrace

Letters, Normal

I wish to add my voice to the talk of the town: Moresby Northeast MP Andrew Mald’s 2010 New Year resolution.
If Mald is so concerned about women frequenting nightclubs, should n’t he be building parks and amusement centres in his electorate that will entertain whole families?
Shouldn’t he be providing community centres and sporting programmes for women and young girls to entertain themselves meaningfully, through home-making lessons, videos screenings, fun days etc?
If he doesn’t know how, he should look to his governor for inspiration.
Governor Powes Parkop trailblazed the idea with his parks, movies, fountains, carols and Christmas lights.
It seems being a mushroom under Parkop’s giant shadow is the least of this MP’s concerns.
Mald really should get his priorities right.
He should use the media to talk about his policies, projects and other good works he was voted into office to deliver.
And he should remember, as The National editorial rightly pointed out, women in his electorate voted him into office, and his statements are a slap in the face of these women.
PNG women everywhere, who have to deal with the disgusting attitude of the male chauvinists at work, home and on the street, now have one representing them in Parliament.
What a disgrace!
Can he apologise and inform his voters what his new year resolutions for his electorate are? – Priority paul nabaut, Port Moresby