Man jailed 17 years for raping girl

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A MAN who admitted raping a 10-year-old girl has been sentenced to 17 years in jail, with the judge saying it was a “serious breach of trust”.
Acting judge Laura Wawun Kuvi told Orex Mea, 30, of Poiva village in Ihu, Gulf, that the girl would live with the “scars and pain of the offence” for a very long time.
Judge Kuvi said Mea, a friend of the girl’s uncle, had been living with the family for 10 years.
“He was a close friend of the family and was considered a part of the family,” she said.
“The offence was committed in the victim’s home (where) she should have felt safe.
“Now she feels unsafe in her own home.
“The (girl) is withdrawn and quiet, and not feeling comfortable being around others.
“When she returned to schools, everyone was talking about her.
“It made her feel shame and lost her confidence.
“She is also afraid of all males including teachers, students and other persons.
“She does not like to be alone in the classroom around male students because it makes her nervous, she’s always accompanied by another student.”
Judge Kuvi said on June 24, 2019, the girl, then 10, had returned home from school, had a shower, got dressed and went to her parents’ room to do her homework.
When she went to get water from the fridge, Mea grabbed pulled her into a room, closed the door, and held her by the throat while he removed his clothes.
He threatened to kill her when she resisted.
She, however, managed to run out after biting his hand.
She told her parents what happened.
They reported the matter to police.

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