Man to stand trial for sexual offence

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A MAN has been committed to stand trial in the National Court for sexually penetrating his four-year-old niece while under the influence of alcohol.
Andrew Kaipu, 23, of Moveave, Gulf province, appeared before magistrate Sinclair Gora at the Waigani District Court where he was committed to stand trial for the alleged offence.
Police alleged that on March 12, Kaipu, while under the influence of alcohol, went to his cousin brother’s house at Three-Mile at around 9pm where he sexually penetrated the four-year-old daughter while she was fast asleep.
The court was told that Kaipu had entered the house and saw the child sleeping with her elder sister near the kitchen area and carried her into the living room of the house and sexually penetrated her. 
It heard that no-one was around at the time when the alleged incident occurred.
Kaipu was caught when the victim’s father entered the house a few minutes later and saw Kaipu sleeping beside the child who was unconscious at that time.
The father saw the child bleeding and questioned Kaipu who denied the offence.
The child was rushed to the Paradise Private hospital for medical treatment, the court was told.
The matter was reported to the police and Kaipu was arrested and charged with sexual penetration of a minor under section 299A sub-section 1of the Criminal Code.
Although the accused denied the offence, magistrate Gora found that there were sufficient evidence on the part of the complainant for Kaipu to face a full trial.
The case was adjourned to Oct 19 for Kaipu to appear at the National Court for trial.