Man who kicked wife to death jailed

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A MAN who kicked his pregnant wife to death was jailed for 10 years with hard labour by the National Court in Wabag last Friday.
Harry Kuri Kewane, 28, from Wingima,  Porgera, Enga province, kicked his wife in the ribs while wearing a pair of heavy duty safety boots when he returned home from a discotheque in Yarik village.
In sentencing Kewane, an illiterate farmer, Justice Graham Ellis said there were far too many cases of husbands killing their wives in PNG.
“You kicked her so hard that she started bleeding immediately and was dead within a very short space of time. What makes your case worse is that your wife was pregnant at that time.
“Any man who hits his wife, even once, damages their relationship as husband and wife because she will never know when he will do it again.
“You are not the first man to go to prison in Papua New Guinea for assaulting your wife and causing her to die and I doubt you will be the last.
“The message does not seem to have gotten through yet that men should love and protect their wives and not hurt them. 
“Simply put, you should have been kissing your wife, not kicking her,” he said.
The judge noted that Kewane had apologised to the court and relatives, on both sides of the family, for murdering his wife.