Managing waste is our business

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 30, 2011

I SUPPORT your editorial “Challenge of managing waste” (June 21).
The problem, as can be seen in our major towns and cities, is a challenge to the responsible authorities.
I must say they are not doing their job efficiently and effectively.
Everything that is done by our authorities requires resources. 
Most of the time, the au­thorities are ill-equipped as they do not have proper equipment or in working condition.
They include trucks and fuel, among others, to keep the city or town clean.
We are also not using our God-given brains to follow and respect simple rules not to litter.
Papua New Guineans are well known for spitting and throwing rubbish anywhere we like without gi­ving a hoot to the environment and our hygiene.
Industries are also illegally dumping wastes, bio­degradable and non-bio­de­gradable materials on the roadside, rivers or wherever they want to.
Do we give a thought that these wastes can be toxic and detrimental to our health?
They can lead to short-term and long-term effects resulting in our poor health and even death.
The challenge now is now on the national government to put in place some tough laws and punishments such as hefty fines or jail so that we will change for the better and look after our environment.
We must learn to care for our environment and do away with our bad habits.
It may take time but the end result will be rewarding as our towns and cities become will become at­tractive to live in.
To achieve this requires efforts from all stakeholders and not from organisations only.
People should work to­gether to ensure our environment is safer to live in.


Kevin Bimbim