Manoka has to answer for price increase

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 4th, 2014

 THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) was established in 2002.

During  this  period,  it had done a lot under Thomas Abe. 

The application of economic regulation,  although new at the time, had  seen a lot of  SOEs that were  near liquidation  gradually pick up because the form of regulation allowed them  to manage their  business while keeping political influence and direction away. 

Much  has been achieved during this short period and it has also gained  a  lot  of  respect  from  the  public, key stakeholders, government, regulated entities and the international community. 

He  groomed and raised a lot of Papua New Guineans who are now occupying top positions.

It was an admired government agency and it had also been highly regarded by many as a role model government agency during those early days.

That is not the same ICCC  today. It  appears   and  the referral of the ICCC  Commissioner Billy Manoka leaves  a  lot to be desired. 

Recently, there have been outbursts on price increases, not only on the regulated SOEs but the goods and services it regulates and it makes a common  person  wonder what is the purpose of the existence  of  an economic regulator, the ICCC. 

Can Don Polye restore its  leadership? If the treasurer chooses to ignore this,  ramifications   for  the economy will be considerable.

Street Regulator

Port Moresby