Manus needs to build technical capacity: James

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

MANUS Soccer Association has a mammoth task ahead to improving its technical capacity and general understanding of the laws of the game.
This was from the observation of former Tabubil Soccer Association president and the Highlands Soccer Federation vice-president Jayso James.
He said it was a matter of priority to develop the technical  and match officials.
The recent Manus Governor’s Cup went beyond schedule because of the lack of understanding in implementing the laws by referees which resulted in disputes and delayed the finals.
The Governor’s Cup, sponsored by John Kapi Natto, was won by Lorengau Urban (men’s) and Rapatona (women’s).
James said the other aspect lacking was the understanding of the game’s laws by players, team managements and supporters.
“Everyone wants to be a winner, can’t accept defeat yet they reckon they understand the Fifa laws of the game,” he said.
Fifa laws stipulate the referee’s decision is final whether right or wrong.
James said in the recent tournament, supporters and their managements argued that they understood the Fifa statutes and expected the match commissioner, the association president, even the governor of the province, to overturn referees’ decisions.
He said Manus Soccer Association president Jack Nawi Changau had a big job to do.
“The ball is now in your court to correct and improve the understanding of the laws of the game among all parties and get the PNGFA referee instructor to Manus and conduct a refresher course.
“Better still, a basic referees’ course should be conducted to improve the standard of refereeing and football in Manus,” James said.
“On a positive note, the tournament brought Manus people together because they love their football. Yes, the love of football must be embraced by the match officials, players and supporters.
“Otherwise the love of football will turn sour if time and resources are not invested wisely on developing technical officials,” James said. “The positives or negatives of the next Governor’s Cup is dependant on the Manus Soccer Association executives.
“How they addresses the issues and improve for the better.”
James challenged the locals not to proclaim that they knew soccer better than anybody else but swallow their pride and build on from the success of the Governors Cup for the benefit of the province.