Manus people commended


very unfortunate and a strain on our local and political leaders.
It calls for all Manus citizens in country and abroad to stand by our provincial government, provincial police, community leaders and those on the ground.
This is as they try to assist the asylum seekers in both Lorengau and Lombrum.
We take our hats off to our leaders for the great effort on the ground in a very difficult and unfamiliar situation.
When this whole situation is corrected, our leaders and people deserve a good commendation from the Australian government for placing us in such a difficult situation.
Despite the difficulties our leaders are going through, let us seek possible avenues to assist our leaders to ease the whole situation on our island province.
This is until a diplomatic solution has been reached by the Australian and PNG governments.
We shall let both governments and the courts to handle matters at their level.
Australia has its reasons for not allowing certain groups into their country.
Asylum seekers too must understand that PNG cannot force Australia against their will.
Asylum seekers must now stop making things difficult for our simple people, our leaders and our provincial government.
We the people of Manus are watching.
There must be a stop to this saga.
Our leaders have done everything possible to assist.
If the asylum seekers do not like the treatment they are being offered, let them fight their battle outside of Manus.
It is now time the PNG and the Manus governments sponsor a meeting of all elite Manus citizens over Christmas to discuss this issue.
Australia, New Zealand and neighboring government representatives can also participate in this meeting.
Everyone can try to tackle this situation at various levels from foreign affairs to local assistance.
We Manus people have a special place in our hearts to look after others in need.
Those refugees who are willing can remain with us until the Australian and PNG governments can get themselves organised.
Are we not interested in qualified mathematicians, scientists, engineers and physicists who may be among these refugees?
Why can’t we find out and engage such people?
Governor, Speaker and provincial police commander: Sorry we are away from home but we are with you all the way
I can be reached on telephone 532 2800 (bh) or 532 9812 (ah).

Gerard Saleu