Too many political parties, background checks must be done


INSTEAD of new firebrand radical parties being formed by people that can reverse some of the unpopular decisions and antics of the current political regime, we are seeing questionable so-called new political parties popping up from the woodwork.
It is more or less a slap in the face of the aggrieved masses that
have been hoping and praying fervently for changes to the current mismanagement of the country’s finances.
According to NRI Director Dr Charles Yala, 44 parties are confirmed to contest in the coming elections (PC 7/3).
This is absolutely ridiculous.
What brand new ideas, grander visions, experience, calibre and quality of leadership will these parties offer that is not already offered by some of the existing parties?
The Office of the Integrity of Parties should vet new parties in terms of their policies and visions with respect to the national goals and aspirations enshrined in or envisaged by the National Constitution.
The leaders and members of these new parties must also be background and character checked for fitness to be in the race.
We need new leaders with radical new ideas, can think outside of the box and have no political
affinity to the current political mismanagement and corruption culture.
We boast of the LNG but thanks to the wisdom of the government architects and technocrats that crafted and negotiated the sales of our oil and gas and blessed by our government, we have yet to feel its so-called liberation from entrenched socioeconomic hardships to a country among the league of the Arab nations with similar or bigger oil reserves.
At this very critical point in the country’s political journey, we do not need fly-by-night empty vessels, wealth and glory seekers nor tribal and “haus lain” political advocates with misguided understanding of running governments or a country’s political affairs.
The country desperately needs national leaders with those elusive wisdoms and leadership qualities to put the country back on track to equally share and benefit
from its natural resources and lifting its social indicators to a respectable level that is reflective of our much boasted vast natural resources.
We don’t need two- bobs parties that only form to cash in on the election extravagance, confuse the voters and break up votes.
The Office of the Integrity of Political Parties owe the nation a genuine credible noble list of parties for the voters to choose from and it cannot be passed up at such a most crucial time.
Dr Gelu’s comments that 44 parties for a population of 8 million is maybe valid but does not take into account the fact that 80 per cent of the population are still illiterate and unless the new parties can fully explain the differences their policies would create thus justifying their inceptions, they may only sow more confusions rather than help separating the wheat from the chaff.
The usual and much anticipated feasting with lamb flaps, booze and free cash handouts are only fast tickets to perennial misery or worse, to Hades.

BT Laskona, Via email

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