Marape, 14 MPs joining Pangu Pati

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TARI-Pori MP James Marape and 14 other MPs who resigned from the ruling People’s National Congress Party have joined the Pangu Pati and will align themselves with the National Alliance-led Opposition.
Morobe Governor and interim Pangu Pati leader Ginson Saonu invited Marape’s group to join the party.
“The group that came out of the Government are made of a member of SDP, a member of THE Party, three members of the People’s Party and the balance of 21 members who came out of both PNC and Pangu – a total of 26 members,” Marape said.
“And I am happy to announce on behalf of the 14 that I lead out of PNC and with advice from Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas that we now accept Pangu’s invitation to join them.” He said Pangu was a “national institution”.
“This is the party that led our country into political independence and we are now aligning with like-minded leaders so that Pangu can lead our country into gaining economic independence,” Marape said.
The party will be holding a caucus meeting next week in Lae and will announce its policies.
Pangu now has 21 MPs – six from Saonu’s group and 15 from Marape’s.
Meanwhile, Marape said the Opposition MPs planned to walk to Parliament when Parliament resumed on May 28, if it managed to secure 56 MPs.
It had 50 MPs when Parliament sat last week.
It needs another six if its plan to move a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in the next sitting can be successful.

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