Marape apologises for violence from his people


PRIME Minister James Marape has officially apologised to the people of PNG for the violence perpetrated by his people in Tari-Pori and Hela.
“I apologise to the nation for the action of my people of Tari-Pori, Hela and the region for the stress they have endured and those that have been affected,” he said.
Central Governor Robert Agarobe confronted him in Parliament yesterday about the involvement of Hela people in law and order problems and the continuous ethnic clashes in the city.
Agarobe urged Marape and the Government to do something about stopping “regionalism and ethnicity” practices in Port Moresby, especially the holding of regional and provincial events and the raising of provincial flags.
Marape promised to refer the matter to the Constitutional Law Reform Commission and take up his recommendation for a nationwide consultation on the issue of national unity.
He apologised to everyone affected by the violence, including school children, workers and residents.
He said the Government promoted the universal identity of “one nation, one country and one people”.
He said the only provincial show allowed should be the Motu Koitabu celebrations.
“I agree that provincial days should be banned in NCD.
“The only day will be the Motu Koita day.
“We will all focus and observe national days only,” he said.
The Government plans to address the issues of ethnic classes by registering everyone.
He said anyone who wanted to live in Port Moresby should be registered through national identification programme.