Marape: Investigation must be thorough

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The National, Thursday 26th January 2012

HELA Transitional Authority chairman James Marape said the cause of the landslide at Tumbi village in the LNG project area should be thoroughly investigated.Marape said there were a number of important issues which needed to be resolved.Marape said a lot of people were unaccounted for because "there is a booming economy in the area and a lot of people from nearby Highlands’ provinces and PNG are moving in to tap into opportunities provided by the LNG project"."We must ascertain whether this disaster is man-made and induced by factors. That includes checking on work practices and safety issues."We must get down to the real cause of the landslide," he said.The Tari-Pori MP urged the national government to immediately conduct a population registry or establish a data base of people moving into and living near the LNG project site.He called for the restriction on the movement of people looking for job opportunities and doing other businesses in the area.