Marape: PNG is friend to all, enemy to none

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PRIME Minister James Marape says PNG is “friend to all and enemy to none” as far as foreign policy and attracting foreign investment are concerned.
He made the statement during a meeting with Australian PM Scott Morrison in Canberra.
“But we are in the business of attracting genuine business into our country.
“Our target in the next two or three years is to bring in over 200 new foreign investors into the country,” he said.
“Whether they are from China or Australia or right across the world is inconsequential and irrelevant to us.
“We will have an equal playing field for every investor, as long as they subscribe to the rules and regulations of our country.”
He said Chinese investors or Australian investors would not receive any special treatment or preference.
Marape said the Government was looking into the business of tailoring specific investment policies to ensure investors: “Win for their shareholders and the people, including the different layers of government. “
“So taking back PNG is really not a strange ideology,” he said.
“It’s all about empowering our citizens to participate in business activities instead of allowing outsiders to come in.
“Those who want to come into our country will be policing our investment front. You must have a minimum of K23 million (A$10mil) or more to come into our country.
“We are so used to consultants and visitors coming in with almost nothing and 10 years, 20 years later they walk out with good businesses.” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said taking back Papua New Guinea “is to ensure their economic independence”.
“Our investment in Papua New Guinea is over K1.4 billion ($A600 million) a year,” Morrison said.

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