Marape sets deadline for talks


NEGOTIATIONS on multi-million kina oil, gas and gold projects are expected to be completed this year, Prime Minister James Marape says.
The projects include Porgera in Enga, Wafi-Golpu in Morobe, Papua LNG and Pasca gas projects in Gulf, and P’nyang gas in Western.
Marape in updating Parliament on key projects last week said the Government was committed to completing negotiations on all the projects by the final quarter of this year.
“I remain confident with the work done so far by the respective ministers and the state negotiation team,” Marape said.
“I can assure everyone and the people that we will remain focused on achieving a fair and equitable share of the benefits.
“We have analysed the financial models of all these projects and if we negotiate a better deal, the country will receive significant benefits over the next 20 years.
“The impact on our economy will be significant.
“Some of these positive impacts include; more money going to provincial governments and landowners; more revenue to the national government to finance our national investment; more investment in infrastructure, health, education and law and order and improvement in the quality of lives of our people; reducing the over-reliance on loans and borrowing to finance our budget which will reduce debt; storing foreign reserves to sustain competitiveness of our kina against major trading currencies; more jobs and income opportunities for our people; and, increased foreign direct investment in the country,” he said.


  • My Congratulation on our PMJM and its ruling Government for its efforts, commitments and performance on the ground by its SNT under the various government ministers to set a good records in proper and equitable resources negotiation sanctioned through the fair and just manner of equality participation to share benefits from our Natural resources extraction activities which generate billions of Kinas in the country.

  • I have never seen such thingsa like this before since 45 yrs of indepence ,looks like this days of Goverment take back png .

  • A very smart and decisive action taken by Prime Minister James Marape. A legacy that successive governments failed to set for our Country. God of PNG will lead you with more wisdom.

  • This negotiations seems credible and lucrative for the wellbeing of the entire country.
    This is a way forward to ensure the Nation becomes a wealthy and great country as the statement quoted by PMJM : “The 1st black Christian Nation” can become a REALITY within expected years to come.
    May The Covenant God bless the current Goverment and the powers they(goverment) executes.
    Everyone shall wait patiently and see how the Government of the days runs the country.

    May God’s grace be upon this beautiful Nation and bless the people of the land of the unexpected.

    God be glorified…


  • We have had more money going into the national government and provincial government from our resource projects since Bougainville, Misima and Ok Tedi days.
    More money coming into government coffers is not the issue, the issue is how can you stupid leaders make use of that money wisely for the people so that service delivery to our communities and people is felt right across PNG. The buck stops with you leaders and politicians. If you can not manage a small K100.00, you can not manage more millions from this projects so toktok planti maski.

  • I think James Marape is doing in order to fulfil his Plan to make PNG a richest Black Christian country in the world.
    In order PNG to become a rich country laws must be changed in terms of sharing the resource benefits and in that way, we can be richer and richer like Dubai.
    Support you PM JM…you can do it if you know from your conscience that this is a right thing to do for the better of PNG.

  • Slogan Hooligans.
    All talk and no show. All hype, and still hyping.
    VONC coming up and a year away from the National Elections…

    Yupla toktok without a plan on the ground. How much more Dumber can we become… Hopeless situation we’re in.

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