Marape welcomes Numu to Govt bench


Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu has officially joined the Government, according to Prime Minister James Marape.
He welcomed Numu yesterday saying “he brings to the table youth, energy and vigour” to ensure that challenges faced by this country are met with optimism.
“Numu has been in Opposition for some time, has now joined us in Government.”
Marape said Numu was waiting for former prime minister Peter O’Neill to move to Opposition because he could not work with him.
Marape said the Government caucus had wanted O’Neill to be moved to the Opposition bench but gave him time out of “respect for him as former prime minister to decide for himself”.
“His continual utterances in public and private against core Government focuses means that our government has taken collective resolutions that he has now moved to the opposition bench,” he said.
“So let me welcome the governor of EHP who not only comes as a governor but as the leader of the PNG One Nation Party.
Numu said his decision was for the benefit of his people.
“My people will be happy as well as my family for joining this government and we look forward to a better future,” he said.


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