Marape’s rise to the top post


JAMES Marape’s rise to the top post is an incredible story that is certainly going to make the rounds of the factories and offices in the days and weeks to come.
“By design or by plan or by mere coincidence…it all comes together now!” television journalist John Eggins made this remarkable comment moments after the PM elect was sworn in at the Government House.
Former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has finally relinquished his power.
The turn of events which surprisingly led to the resignation of O’Neill and the subsequent election of his successor truly boggles the mind.
O’Neill‘s People’s National Congress party has always been a strong and cohesive political entity in Papua New Guinea.
As the leader of the ruling party, he had created a somewhat impenetrable wall around the party caucus upon which any form of opposition was dealt with swiftly and accordingly.
O’Neill is a political genius whose brilliant oratory, charm and charisma belie his somewhat eccentric and enigmatic political disposition- a tendency within which lapses and relapses over time to give rise to a brilliant political mind we have come to love as well as hate in this country.
While every constitutional avenue was sought to combat and counteract any challenge to his rule, it was an internal “uprising” that finally exposed O’Neill to the naked truth: one’s opponent appears from within one’s own circle to thwart one’s leadership.
Moreover, O’Neill must have arrogantly perceived that internal threats were not as dangerous as an external threat to his rule.
The defections to the Opposition were clear signs of distrust and dissatisfaction among the high-ranking PNC members who reasoned that his rule must be challenged at all costs.
As incredible as it is, an effective challenge to O’Neill’s rule was mounted from within the ranks of his ruling PNC party.
First the defections to the opposition camp.
When the realisation dawned on him that the numbers on his side were dwindling, O’Neill pulled off yet another political stunt.
He announced to the nation that he was stepping down as PM.
Almost 24 hours after his official resignation, the defectors moved back into O’Neill’s side on the floor of Parliament.
Why was the opposition not able to form the next government?
The Opposition MPs at the Laguna camp were quite plainly disorganised and highly sceptical of each other’s leadership credentials.
The Opposition had somewhat failed to formalise a cohesive strategy to form the alternate government.
Marape and his strong supporters crossed the floor back to O’Neill’s side.
And the rest, as they say, is now history.


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