Marat reminds officials to observe, uphold law


LAND mediators and village court officials have been reminded that they represent the judicial arm of the government in the wards and must assist in the execution of the law.
Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat told nine land mediators and 37 village court officials who completed a one-week training last Friday at Tavui, East New Britain,
last Friday that the training was vital.
He told them that while exercising their powers and performing their functions under the Village Court Act and the Land Dispute Settlement Act, they must always observe and uphold the doctrine of the separation of powers between the three arms of government.
“As village court officials and land mediators, you must interpret the law and administer justice,” Marat said.
“You must never try to misuse the powers of lawmaking or try to use the functions of lawmakers.
“Leave that to parliamentarians.
“Likewise, parliamentarians and lawmakers should never try to abuse your powers and perform your functions as officers of the judiciary.
“If the doctrine of separation of powers within the three arms of government is not observed and upheld, Papua New Guinea will undoubtedly have a very confused national governance system filled with all sorts of gross injustice and corruption.
“Just do what you have to do. Village court officials to hear petty crimes while land mediators to deal with land disputes.
“Recognise your jurisdiction. Crisscrossing must stop as it only causes confusion.”