Markham locals to celebrate Independence Day in LLGs

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 13th September, 2012

THE 37th anniversary of Independence in Markham district, Morobe, will be celebrated in the respective local level governments.
Markham district administrator John Horibot said celebrations would be held in the Umi-Atzera, Onga-Waffa and Leron-Wantoat LLGs.
“We have received funding from the office of the Prime Minister in addition to the commitment of K100,000 made by the Housing and Urban Development Minister Paul Isikiel,” Horibot said.
Isikiel had made the commitment for the Independence celebrations two weeks ago during the handover ceremony that saw him formally take over as the parliamentarian for Markham.
But Horibot could not say how much Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had given.
Speaking from Madang, Horibot said his district staff would make sure the money was distributed to the three districts so they could hold their own celebrations.
He said that the districts were doing well, with no major law and order problems except for a few accidents on the Okuk Highway.
“We are peaceful people so we do not have any major law and order issues in the district except vehicle accidents on the highway, which seem to be happening a lot lately,” Horibot said.