Masere appointed vice minister

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PRIME Minister James Marape has appointed Ijivitari MP Richard Masere as Vice-Minister for Agriculture replacing Markham MP Koni Iguan.
Marape, while officiating at the signing of the coalition partnership with Our Development Party on Friday, said Masere had replaced Iguan, who was last week appointed Deputy Speaker.
“Some of you would have known, Masere was sitting on the chair as assistance speaker when the election of the deputy speaker took place so we just had to do the right thing,” he said.
“We are all equals but another political party was given the preference so he became vice minister replacing Iguan.”
Masere, who is a member of the Our Development party, was with his colleague MPs at the signing of the memorandum of understanding.
“Let me place on record today that Marape is the fairest prime minister,” Masere said.
“I’ve been a member for almost three years now and under his leadership, he is very fair and even as first time MP he gives us the liberty to express ourselves.
“He is mentoring, encouraging and building new leaders in the country.”


  • The MPs act and talk as leaders outside in their electorates and act as small boys in the Parliament. God knows, what you are doing is covered by what you are saying.
    Message to PM, you must not entertain “yoyo” members who move from side to side. Why are you allowing those who ignored you in the first place and left you? You have the numbers to be a PM, ignore the later comers and play your game. God id your leader and advisor.
    Good leaders do not swing left to right and vis-versa, what are these leaders who go and come, and come and go???

  • PNG is a land of agriculture we just need down stream processing to start of now and not after 2022 election.

  • Good democratically elected parliament should have 55/45 or that kind of number in Govt and Opposition. In PNG, with our multi party political system we are bound to have ‘yoyo’ MPs, in political parties and in Govt or opposition.
    When the numbers in either camp are close, there is good check and balance. The PM is calculating and strategizing all the time to lead and stay in Govt. Debates are done properly on the floor of Parliament before legislations are enacted. When Govt has numbers, legislations are bulldozed through with little thoughts for what will be felt later as a result of rushed passing of ill drafted bills.

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