Mead wows students on school visit


IT was a day full excitement and joy for Coronation Primary School students when PNG LNG Kumuls captain David Mead, pictured, visited them yesterday.
Mead being Fone Haus’ Digicom brand ambassador presented 30 new chairs, Fone Haus branded caps and a rugby league ball to the school.
The highlight of the visit was the way Mead was received by the students who cheered for the Kumuls fullback throughout his visit.
There were excited calls and chants with students calling out “Mead, Mead, Mead”, “Hero” and “right skipper”.
Mead thanked the students and teachers for the welcome and said it meant a lot to him and the team, who play the US Hawks on Sunday in their final group stage match.
The Brisbane Broncos player said he was honoured to be given the opportunity to visit children and interact with them and give something back to the community.
Speaking in front of the entire school body including the teachers and staff, Mead encouraged the students to prioritise education because it was the key to success in life.
He said sports like rugby league was a great activity to be involved in but they needed to put their studies first.
Mead said apart from his rugby league responsibilities, he always enjoyed putting smiles on students’ face and the sick in hospitals.
“It is not just about playing rugby league but it is also about having an impact off the field in a lot of areas like hospital visits, school visits and doing community service,” Mead said.
“Being national rugby league players, we have a duty to visit schools and hospitals so that the kids can share their excitement with us.”