Measures, steps need to turn economy, Marape says


PRIME Minister James Marape told parliament yesterday that his commitment was to do everything possible to get the economy back on track.
Responding to a statement by Treasury Minister Sam Basil on the state of the economy, Marape said it was time for the Government to be fiscally responsible and practically meaningful to revitalise the economy.
“We cannot hide what has happened in the past,” Marape said.
“I am comforted in knowing that Treasurer Sam Basil has done his best to detail exactly where we are.
“Next week the Treasurer will, upon clearance by cabinet, table to the house to take a deeper look at the debt stock, so we as a nation know where we are as far as our debt profile is concerned,” he said.
“We don’t intend to hide any information from the public; the state of the economy must be a concern to every one of us collectively as we can criticise and ensure we do better going forward.
“We need to take stock of where we are and look at the numbers clearly and honestly, put in place steps and measures that can slowly turn the ship in the right direction, we want our country to move in,” Marape said.
He said the first instance interventions in the economic space needed to be undertaken and the Treasurer had captured most of what the Government intended to do.
“That statement by Basil should be dissected clearly by all revenue agencies of state.”