Medical officers treat villagers

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TWENTY villages comprising of more than 1,000 people living along the down stream of Ramu River appreciated a free medical service provided jointly by Usino-Bundi LLG medical staff and medical officers from Ramu NiCo.
The villages which are infrequently visited by government medical staff or do not have designated medical doctors have welcome the medical team led by MCC medical doctor, Dr Yang Yan.
The medical patrol lasted for nine days, starting Oct 4 to 12
Medical services provided included immunisation, hygiene education and free clinic.
Medical teams from Ramu NiCo led by Yan, Cyril Tapasia (nurse) and community affairs officer Jerico Pan with local government doctors and nurses were equipped with medical equipment, medicines and hygiene educational materials.
They taught the villagers about the consequences and causes of tuberculosis, cholera, HIV/ AIDS, malaria, other infectious diseases prevention methods, family planning, breastfeeding knowledge, physical examination, diagnoses and treatment of diseases. 
They also conducted H1N1 vaccine immunisation.
The government medical team and Ramu NiCo medical officers have provided similar free medical services to Ramu NiCo mine impacted areas before.
Similar medical services will be provided in the future as part of Ramu NiCo management’s
long term community service to the local communities.