Meetings in hotels discouraged


HUON Gulf district acting chief executive Moses Wanga is concerned about various consultative meetings regarding Wafi-Golpu mine being held in Lae hotels.
Wanga said that if the development would impact the local people and environment, then meetings should be held in villages.
“Organising meetings in villages is more apt to educate people to understand how the development will affect their habitation, and the consequences it will bring upon humans and their environments,” he said.
“I am concerned about the livelihood of people especially Babuaf, Yanta and Hengambu.”
Wanga was upset about the non-attendance of provincial government and administration officers at a road construction joint-venture launching by Wale-Babuaf Landowners’ Association and Huon Gulf District Development Services at Babul on Thursday.
The joint venture between the landowners and district’s development services, the business arm of Huon Gulf, was another step towards getting involved in project spin-offs.
“I am hoping to see roads linking Mafanazo-Wawas including four Babuaf villages, Rumion-Mama-Bogeba, Hote-Yamap and Morobe-Pema completed and upgraded into all-weather condition roads” Wanga said.
He urged Babuaf villagers to use their royalties to build better houses.
Chief landowner Juda Utin said that the Wafi mine development was a positive result of their struggles.

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