Men killed in reprisal

The National, Tuesday July 12th, 2016

SEVEN men were killed in a revenge attack at Transgogol in Madang on Friday following the beheading of three men nearly two weeks ago.
The impact on the community has been such that villagers are scared of talking about the massacre. Some have left the area to live elsewhere for fear of being killed.
An elderly man, his son – in his late 30s – and a relative were beheaded and their heads displayed along the Transgogol highway.
Their arms and legs were put in bags and also displayed.
Madang police station commander Inspector Vincent Isanda said the men were from Berin village near the Mawan government station.
He said some people from the village argued over some customary rituals involving payments and the exchange of pigs before killing the three men.
He said a revenge attack took place and seven men were killed. The people there were afraid of passing information to police.
A villager, who declined to give his name, said everyone in the village and surrounding communities were scared of speaking about the massacre because the situation was “very tense”.