Menyamya still lacking basic goods and servives

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 02nd Febuary 2012

I REFER to a recent statement by the Menyamya MP saying his electorate was one of the most improved in Morobe province because people have access to basic goods and services.  
May I remind the member that the opposite is true.
Some of the basic services that have been withdrawn, or have been closed, are the Bank South Pacific banking, post office, airstrip and air transport, electricity and water, Menyamya rural lockup, district treasury and VSat telephone.
Can the member and the district administration tell the people why these services have been withdrawn or have closed down and why nothing has been done about it?
Law and order issues are a concern in the district while air transport is important for emergency medical cases from the Menyamya health centre to Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae.
Banking and postal services should be reopened so that people do not have to risk travelling long distances to Lae to access these services.
The district administration HQ looks like a ghost town with bushes and grasses growing to hip height.
Even the main Bulolo-Menyamya highway and feeder roads leading to the main highway have not been fully maintained. Most of the feeder roads are in bad conditions, full of potholes and the current wet season is contributing to erosion of parts of the main highway.
I remind the Menyamya MP about disbursing public funds to churches, women groups and certain groups of individuals for various projectss.
A dependency or free cash handout mentality or syndrome has evolved and grown roots in the minds of individuals.

Local Observer,