Merging almost done: Official


KUMUL Telikom Holdings Ltd (KTHL) group acting chairman Rueben Kautu says work is underway to complete the merging of bmobile and Telikom into a single entity.
He told staff, board and management and those present during the celebration of Telikom PNG’s 65th anniversary of providing telecommunication services to the country in Port Moresby yesterday that they would facilitate the National Executive Council’s (NEC) decision made last August to merge the two operators into one entity.
“The Government decision will be implemented by this board and management and we believe that will strategically place us in a very strong position to grow our business because that will enable us to offer converged solutions to customers,” he said.
“We have a very strong foundation to defend our business in the KTH group.
“Dataco will continue to focus on providing services to resellers, internet service providers, fixed and mobile retail business. Once merged, will provide a strong playing field for us to fight our competitor.
“Once that is merged, the playing field will be levelled.
“We have the fixed and mobile networks with a reliable core network that will continue to deliver the experience customers demand.
“I believe we can do it and I hope you all do too.”
Kautu encouraged Telikom staff to work smart and hard, to stay focused, and to take on the challenges head on and regain what was rightfully for the people of PNG who were the shareholders of KTH.
Meanwhile, State Enterprises Minister Sasindran Muthuvel said in Parliament last week that it was a technical merger to have the two mobile networks merged into one, which needed a total of around K18 million to complete.
He said the merger of the network would give immediate benefit and would increase customer base.
Muthuvel added that both companies currently had commercial difficulties with different loan structures of over K100 million.
The merger is expected to be completed by the end of this year.


  • A good investment for the upcoming generation and PNGs Conmmunications and Technology Infrastructure.

    Keep moving foward with a strategical mindset.

  • Merging again and again will not help. Increased coverage with 4G and be competitive in price with Digicel. And probably trim down on management structure.

  • Well done Public Enterprise Minister.

    Hope PNG Government gets it right this time and for the last time as the competitor Digicel PNG is making a lot out Telikom and BMobile current situation.

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