Migration operation a surprise step by Rabura


I’m surprised that Chief Migration Officer Mataio Rabura sent a taskforce from the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority to conduct an operation to ensure foreigners workers in the country had proper documents and work visas.
His team checked foreigners working at Paga Hill and elsewhere at work.
Imagine being checked at your workplace. You’d be made to look  and feel like a criminal in front of colleagues.
While some maybe breaking the law, why taint the entire foreign community with the same brush? Can we use a bit of common sense and approach this type of jobs more professionally?
Rabura would spend government money better if he closed the loopholes in his department to guarantee there is leakage of undesired visitors.
If his staff was trained well, had no corruption, his department would benefit the country on the long run.
The operation, led by the PNG Immigration officers and supported by police, checked on a company at Paga Hill on Oct 1 without prior notice.
However, investigations revealed that the foreigners’ travel documents and PNG employment visas were in order and lawful.
He told the workers that any foreigner who entered the country to work was issued work permits by the Labour and Industrial Relations Department.
He said that any complaints about foreigners occupying positions that should be occupied by citizens should be directed to the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations and not the PNG Immigration.

Murasin Pagapa,
Port Moresby

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