Millions siphoned out via so-called road projects

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 THE prime minister’s call to audit the tender process and road contract value awarded for the Lae-Nadzab super highway is laughable. 

He is the chairman of the NEC and that means he was there at the time all these processes took place. 

We also have a very learned person with many years of experience as a civil engineer in the cabinet – Don Polye, the treasurer. 

If Polye is a member of the NEC and was there when the road contract was sealed at that high cost, then this is a very sad day for PNG as a country. 

The challenge by Moses Gurra and Benedict Mick of the Institute of Engineers to all engineers to be transparent is nothing but another tuneless melody of no real significance after this fact.

Just look at the road construction between Erima Bridge and 5-Mile roundabout in Port Moresby. 

Part of it collapsed right after completion and is lying unattended. 

How about the Togoba-Kissenopoi road sealing? 

And the several different versions of story told by Works Minister Francis Awesa regarding the Lae road funding of K100 million are bewildering. 

He said that K20 million was absorbed for training, and now he is saying K50 million got hijacked. 

Please prosecute all who were involved please. 


Eragairmayal, Via email