Mind your own business, Wenge

Letters, Normal

THE Morobe governor has once again seen fit to question the legality of his two counterparts – Sir Arnold Amet of Madang and Tom Olga of Western Highlands – despite being ousted as elected MPs by the National Court.
First of all, what interest does he have that impelled him to get himself caught up in the politics of Madang and Western Highlands?
I am sure he has better things to do than to worry about other provinces.
The people of Morobe gave him their mandate to lead province and bring development and progress.
Secondly, as far as the silent majority of the public is concerned, this is a dead issue and we do not want to know about it.
This issue was raised in Parliament in the recent past and the minister responsible adequately responded and Mr Wenge had his opportunity then.
Why did he bring up the subject now, when the Supreme Court is about to hand down its decision on the appeal by the two concerned governors against the National Court decision?
Don’t his comments amount to contempt of court? 
Thirdly, the Government should be wary of Mr Wenge because his comments directly challenge the Government and is indicative of him being used by the Opposition to represent their interest from within the Government.
His comments are no different to that of Bulolo MP Sam Basil, who appeared genuine when he criticised Sani Rambi recently.
He obviously represented political interests of certain Western Highlanders.
Finally, Mr Wenge should be looking after the interest of the people of Morobe and keep his nose away from issues that do not benefit to the Morobeans.
It is a public embarrassment when his own backyard is not in order whilst he appears as the all-knowing politician in Papua New Guinea.  


Proud Western Highlander
Via email