Miner backs Mioks, Ipatas challenge


BARRICK (Niugini) Limited (BNL), operator of the Porgera Gold mine in Enga recognises sports as a tool for improving law and order and one that can provide an opportunity to develop character and reinforce positive behaviour.
The Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) gave K300,000 to support the Enga government’s sports-for-development Initiative.
Of the funding half was given to support the operational costs of the Ipatas Cup rugby league challenge and the other half went to the province’s team in the Digicel Cup, the Enga Mioks for their participation this season.
PJV executive managing director Tony Esplin said the company saw value in the sport-for-development initiative as a tool to help improve law and order in the district and province.
“As a major corporate citizen in Enga, PJV will work with government to improve law and order in the area and we recognize the value of the sport-for- development model.”
Last month, PJV manager community relations and engagement Meck Minnala presented K150,00 to the Ipatas Cup organisers in Lae during the grand final.
The presentation was made to Ipatas Cup chief executive Timothy Lepa and was witnessed by Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas and the teams and fans.
“We are proud to be a part of this competition and do something to support the positive character development of the youth of this country,” Meck said.
Lepa thanked PJV for their continued partnership and support to the Ipatas competition adding that the funds would go toward staging a better challenge next year.
The Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup ended with the finals in Lae from Feb 16-17.
The eight-week competition which started on Dec 14 saw 134 teams from 17 provinces with over 3,350 players taking part.
PJV’s support to the Mioks will be made at their first home match this year.

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