Minimise errors in exam papers


ERRORS in national examinations are common occurrences as seen over the past few years since the inception of the Outcome Based Education system.
It is beyond reasonable excuse for examination writers to conceive errors that would somewhat introduce doubt and confusion in the process of answering questions by students.
The omission or addition of something trivial or of relative significance can induce confusions that may prove fatal in answering an exam question and that this can be time consuming under stress and pressure.
It is of paramount importance that examinations should be error free so that confusion and doubts can be averted at all cost.
Examination questions therefore should be proof read a number of times by learned professionals in the respective fields of study before being duplicated and sent to schools throughout the country.
Written English used in the examinations should also comply with standard specifications so that students are not held at ransom through language flaws that would eventually lead to consequential ramifications.
Examinations should also have clear or precise answers instead of coming up with questions that are somewhat shrouded in ambiguity and confusion.
This will help students in answering exam questions as they aspire to pursue their dreams in their educational endeavours.

Sly Effa


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