Minister impressed with energy source

The National,Friday June 10th, 2016

PETROLEUM and Energy Minister Ben Micah says electricity from ethane will save the country millions of Kina.
He attended the China and US Clean Energy Utilisation Summit Forum – focusing on ethane – in China last week.
Micah said this as American Ethane Company prepares to establish a US$2 billion ethane power plant transmitting electricity from Madang to Port Moresby, pending Cabinet approval.
“I was impressed with the way this new energy source – part of the shale revolution in America – is attracting big interest in China,” Micah said.
“We are the only Pacific country, apart from Australia and New Zealand, that is stepping into the frontline of this new energy revolution.
“All the technology, all the knowledge, that is being developed, we are going to be in the front end of this new energy revolution.”
The company’s chief commercial officer Walt Teter extolled the virtues of ethanol as a versatile product.