Ministry celebrates opening of new church


MEMBERS of the Soul Harvest Church Ministry have recently celebrated the opening of a permanent church building at Enekuai village in Madang.
The village is on Kurumbukari plateau in Usino-Bundi district.
Ramu NiCo (MCC) Kurumbukari Mine managers attended the opening on September 27.
Kurumbukari mine registered manager Sarimu Kanu said churches played an important role in changing the spiritual life and attitude of people.
“When the people particularly youths turn to church activities and worship, there will be a reduction in law-and-order issues on Kurumbukari,” Kanu said.
The Soul Harvest Ministry headquarters is in Port Moresby and has members in Australia too.
The church was introduced to the Kurumbukari plateau by Michael Yori, a landowner in the Ramu Project. He provided the funding for the construction which began in February, 2016.
Yori said that due to financial constraints, the building was not completed until May 2017. The cost was about K40,000.
“All the blessings I have now are from God, and I have to in return invest back in God’s church,” Yori said.
Yori said modernisation brought with it social problems which the church must tackle.
“Establishing a church and working closely with the Government and the developer such as Ramu NiCo in creating awareness for better living would surely reduce social problems in the impact areas of the project.”

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